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Revelator Book Series

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with Tammy as you read her testimony. Tammy becomes transparent about her life, her struggles, and her victories.

She is a firm believer that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.  May you receive freedom by reading Tammy's testimony.  Always be led by Holy Spirit and always

give Father God all of the glory.

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Tammy tells her testimony of being raised, marriage, children, and how how God started to deliver her from her issues.


Tammy shares with you dreams, intercession, God's battle armor, and His armory. 


Tammy tells her testimony of how God revealed this spirit in operation in her life, and how God showed her how to be free from its' influence. 


Tammy reveals her testimony of God revealing that she dealt with a spirit of self. The discussion of what self talk is, and the importance of positive affirmations. 


After months of asking God questions God revealed that Tammy dealt with the curse of illegitimacy.  Tammy learned about the spirit of adoption, and it changed her life.


This is part 1 of book #6.  Tammy breaks down deliverance into 5, and calls it the 5 hands of deliverance


This is the 2nd part of book 6.  Tammy gives renouncing, repenting prayers for 5 groups.  a scripture prescription is also given to replace what was removed. 


Book #8

Coming Soon!


Book #9

Coming Soon!

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