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Revelator Book #1:
Introduction to Deliverance 

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with Tammy as you read her testimony. Tammy becomes transparent about her life, her struggles, and her victories.

She is a firm believer that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.  May you receive freedom by reading Tammy's testimony.  Always be led by Holy Spirit and always

give Father God all of the glory.

The Revelator Book Series

Learn about intercession, God's Battle Armor & HIs Armory

Learn about the curse of Diana and how to remove it.

Learn about the spirit of self, negative self-talk, and positive affirmations.

The Revelator Book Series
Book #1: Introduction to Deliverance



It was a Wednesday afternoon in August when God spoke to me about writing this book. He said “I want you to write a book on healing.”  I asked God, “where I should begin”, and He responded, “just start writing”. Little did I know at the very beginning what God was beginning to do in me, and how He would change my destiny forever! 


This book isn’t like other author’s books. I can’t be them because God has called me to be me.  If anyone knows me personally then you know when I start to talk I say, “let me tell you a story”.  They also know that I give hugs. 


So I want you to read this book like we are sitting across

from each other telling each other the great things God has done in our lives. Our coffee tastes great and the fellowship is wonderful! 


It is my prayer that when you read these words that the Holy Spirit will give you revelation and knowledge that will lead to your freedom!  Then when you are free go and teach others! 


Be blessed and may God use this book to bring honor and glory to His mighty name! 



Section 1: Stories of Hardships & Blessings 


Chapter 1: Growing Up Tammy 


I was adopted by a lovely set of parents, Art and Glenda! They weren’t able to have children, and I was the third child they were promised. However, the first baby was killed in a car accident, and the second baby’s mother changed her mind on the adoption.  Then the call came for me to be adopted. Art and Glenda were excited beyond words! They adopted me on the very day of my birth. 


As a baby I had a birth defect and had to have surgery within days of being born. I had to be handled and cared for gently. My mother kept a close eye on me. My dad nicknamed me, “Monk” which was short for “monkey” because I moved around and pulled an IV out of my arm. He called me that for the rest of his life. 


Fast forward a few years…


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