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Revelator Book #6:
Five Hands of Deliverance  - Part 1

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with Tammy as you read her testimony. Tammy becomes transparent about her life, her struggles, and her victories.

She is a firm believer that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.  May you receive freedom by reading Tammy's testimony.  Always be led by Holy Spirit and always

give Father God all of the glory.

Learn about the spirit of adoption and the removal of the curse of illegitimacy

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The Revelator Book Series
 Five Hands of Deliverance - Part 1

Chapter 1:  Remove the “Ites” in your Life


Just as the Israelites had to battle their thoughts so we must battle ours. They began to murmur and complain. God wanted to take them straight to the promised land but the Israelites murmuring and complaining stopped them from entering.  They took forty years in the desert before they could go into their promised land.   We have life and death in our tongues.  We need to be careful that our words line up with what God says about us.  When God tells you to do something then do it. Obey God and you will be successful!   


Even when the Israelites entered the promised land there were people the Israelites had to battle.  Each group of people represented something specifically that the  Israelites

Had to overcome so defeating each individual group of people meant they were overcoming in that area of their mindset. Let’s take a look at the group of people that the Israelites had to battle to own the promised land. I like to call them the “ites”.  There are seven! 




Let’s take a look at all of them as a whole.  Why did God want them gone? These seven nations were all idol worshippers with incestuous gods and believed in incest, bestiality, adultery, child sacrifice, rape, temple sex with prostitutes, orgies, and other sexual deviances. They sacrificed children to Molech. 


Each one of these “ites” represented something that the Israelites were to destroy! Just like God had the Israelites fight for their promised land we must fight for ours.  What is our promised land?  A place where we walk in total freedom with God. Where we are prosperous and healthy! 


Pray to see what sort of “ites” that are in your life that God wants you to be free from. 

God is faithful and just. He will answer your question.  I pray Ephesians 1 over you that God will give you knowledge and revelation. 


Chapter 2:  Removing the “ites” 


God loves the number twelve.  He mentions 12 gates in New Jerusalem in Revelations.  He has 12 tribes of Israel, and he has 12 disciples.  Remember that God is the creator, and that he creates all things.  Satan can only take the creation and pervert it.  The “ites” in our lives are squatter spirits. “Squatting” is a real estate term where someone lives on property illegally and they have to be removed by force. They don’t own the land, but they have been there long enough to where they have some legal reasons for staying.  We deal with “spiritual squatting spirits''.  They have to be removed by force, but they believe they have legal grounds to stay.  There are 12 roots of these found in scripture.  Let’s take a look.   

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