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Revelator Book #3:
Removing the Spirit of Diana 

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with Tammy as you read her testimony. Tammy becomes transparent about her life, her struggles, and her victories.

She is a firm believer that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.  May you receive freedom by reading Tammy's testimony.  Always be led by Holy Spirit and always

give Father God all of the glory.

Learn about intercession, God's Battle Armor & HIs Armory

Learn about the curse of Diana and how to remove it.

Learn about the spirit of self, negative self-talk, and positive affirmations.

The Revelator Book Series
Removing the Spirit of Diana

Chapter 1:  Remembering Tammy’s Story 


In Revelator Book #1 I told you about my experience with generational curses. After I had our first son I had many thoughts that I knew weren’t mine. I also learned that these thoughts came from my bloodline and not by adoption.


Excerpt from Book #1: 


After I learned about the generational curses I say my deliverance began.  There was one person at church that lent me her book called “Pigs in the Parlor” by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond.  I learned about demons oppressing us. It was a great introductory book for me on the subject of deliverance. 


Next, the church I attended led a church wide book reading on the subject of knowing we are in Christ.  I was working in the children’s church area, and was having to modify the teachings to fit our children.  One day I heard the pastor’s say “we have some time available this week to do deliverance for anyone that wants to”.  This peaked my interest.  I went to the pastor’s home, and started learning.  I wrote down the lies the enemy had been telling me, and I had to find the truth in the scripture.  I learned about John 8:32 and how that Jesus sets us free. 


I made a list of the truths to replace the lies.  I mounted the truths in my windshield of my car and drove for a year speaking and reading them. 


Chapter 2: It’s Time to Leave the Milk and Eat Meat!


I have been a teacher my entire life. I remember as a teenager designing lessons and schedules for the children I baby sat. .  Later on I became an elementary music teacher.   I enjoy teaching the young students.  


God has taught me a lot over the years through these children. God showed me that I enjoyed teaching the young children  because I was like a child on the  inside.  Children are young and carefree. They want to have fun and have no challenges.  Then God started to speak to me about growing up.  


God knows how I operate. He knows that I pray for others and get prophetic words for other people.  It often happens where the prophetic word that I sense He is wanting me to give the other person is a word that fits my life as well.  God knows I am quick to help someone else before I am quick to help myself.   


It was time to stop drinking milk and eat the meat! 


Meat is usually served at a table. Everything we need from God is at His table. Psalm 23 even states that He prepares a table before us.  


One particular Fall God kept speaking to me about “coming to His table” and I was reminded many times that “everything I needed was at His table.”  


This “table” message was what launched me into the next level of ministry. The next chapter tells the story. 

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