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Learn about the basic foundations of God's love and His Kingdom one block at a time.  You are dearly loved by Father God.  Come and learn  more.

What is faith?  You can do a quick search on google and see that there are many definitions for “faith”. Some of the ones I have seen mentioned are  “trust”, “belief”, and “confidence”.   I also read that Abraham is known to the father of faith. (Click Here to Read More)

Forgiveness is a broad topic.  Part of forgiveness is wanting other people to be the best they can be.  Father God loves us so much and desires to have a relationship with us. Father God sent His only Son, Jesus to earth so that Jesus could die for our sins and be resurrected on the third day.  Our belief in Jesus being the Messiah and forgiving of our sins is the beginning of our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Father God sent us His only Son for the forgiveness of our sins.  How much more does He expect for us to forgive those who wrong us.  

God wanted a family so He created a world in six days and He rested on the seventh day.  On the sixth day He created a man in His own image and likeness.  This man was named Adam.  Adam was made in God’s image.  He had the mind of God, and named all of the animals and plants that God had created because God wanted a relationship with Adam.  (Click to Read More)

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